Why Us?

Why Us?

Private Labeling has so many advantages over traditional sales. Every cleaning product you sell with a different brand name than your own is an opportunity for your customer to shop somewhere else. If they can find it another store or your competitors cheaper, you might have lost your customer for all your products. Keep customers coming back to you while you build your own brand name.

Why Us

  1. We are a 60 year old family business
  2. All our products are environmentally safe and non-toxic
  3. Best pricing and lowest minimums
  4. Cut out the middle man, work directly with the manufacturer

We make it all:

• Windows & Glass • Leathers • Mirrors • Pet Stain Remover • Naughahyde • Vinyl & Plastic • Shoes • Steam Cleaners • Dishwashers • Washing Machines • Semis • Hand Cleaner • Canvas • Tires & Wheels • Pet Wash • Brick & Stone • Fireplaces • Porcelain • Concrete & Asphalt • Hardwood Floors Aircraft • Cabinets • Boats • Shower Cleaner • Ovens • Tile & Grout • Travertine • Marble & Granite • Clothing Stain Remover • RVs, Bilges & Holding Tanks • Carpet Spot Remover • Lawn & Patio Furniture • Ceramic & Glass stovetops• Pools & Spas 

With Private Labeling You:
  • Increased Revenue. You have already sold your customer on your main product (furniture/tires/carpet etc.), now you can upsell them something with your name on it to keep it looking as good as it did the day they bought it. 
  • Higher Profit Structure. You will work directly with the Manufacturer so you get the best pricing. There are no middle men and you determine your sales price.
  • Higher Customer Retention: Your customers have your name in front of them at all times. Great advertising. They can only get the product from you and not other box stores. This means they will come back to your store or website to get more.
  • Increased Brand awareness. No more building someone else’s brand name. Your customer will only see your name always and will only be able to get more product from you or your distributors. Friends and neighbors will see and use your name  brand which will bring them back to your store increasing sales.
  • No Competition. Your customers cannot find your competitors selling your product and possibly lose the customer to their main product line instead of yours as well. 

    Specialty Cleaning Formula is:

    • Non-Toxic and Biodegradable
    • Environmentally Safe
    • Removes 99.9% of Germs
    • Safe around Kids and Pets
    • No Harsh Chemicals or Abrasives
    • No Fumes or Overpowering Scents
    • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
    • Family Owned and Operated since 1952

    No Gloves, No Mask, No Fumes!

    Step 3

    Design your label

    Step 4

    Quantity & Price