What Companies that use our products have to say:

“I originally bought a few hundred bottles of Hand cleaner with our Company name and logo on them to give to my top customers as Christmas gifts. They loved it so much I started selling it by the gallon for their shops. Now I am making money off it and my name is in front of my customers every day!” Clyde Lems - Lems Automotive
“I originally bought some bottles of chair cleaner to start selling to our current customers along with our repair services. It went well enough that I am now expanding to more products and selling online. Private Label Cleaners was great to work with and made it so easy to create my own label.” Daniel Johnson – The Salon Chair Guys.
“We love working directly with the manufacture - Private Label Cleaners. It was so easy to create our product and the profits are fantastic. Our customers love it and we are one of the top selling products in our category now. We are already working on other cleaners to sell.” Cody - Credgepro

*Get other companies in your network to start their own product line. You make money off of them with no additional work each time they reorder

Companies who have used our cleaners:

  • Alaska Airlines School Districts

  • Morrison's

  • Children’s Hospital & Medical Center

  • The Salon Chairs Guys

  • The Ritz Carlton Hotel

  • Days Inns

  • Everett's

  • Bangor Submarine Base

  • State and Government Agencies

  • EF 65

  • The Hilton Hotels

  • Holiday Inns

  • Lems Auto Recyclers

  • Motel 6

  • John Barnes

  • Puget Sound Naval Shipyard

And many more!

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Quantity & Price