There are different options of labeling available depending on the quantity of bottles ordered, size and shape container, price and turn around time. You have the ability to utilize a wide variety of labels all at great prices. We can be as involved in your labeling needs as you desire from label creation, to ordering and applying labels to your bottle, or skip the labeling step altogether with blank bottles shipped to you. 

What are my labeling options?

  • Silk-Screen: The most cost effective and quick turnaround for labeling smaller quantities is with Silk-Screened bottles. Silk Screening can be applied to round bottles and carafes and are great for smaller quantity orders and basic designs. Silk Screen can be applied in 1, 2, 3 or 4 color designs.
  • Labels: If you have a complex logo or design, would like a picture or multi-colored graphics, labels are best for your business. If you are ordering in large quantities, labels are the most cost effective. Labels have more flexibility for design and are very eye catching.

Can you design and print a label for me? Yes, we have in-house designers who can create labels to meet your companies needs with quick turn around times and without having to endure the expense of costly designers. 

Can you design my label and I'll print it myself? Absolutely! If this is the route you would like to pursue, just let us know and we can give you the specific details. We do have a very good relationship with our label printing companies and get great rates.

What if I want to provide my own label? That is fine, we can discuss the details with you! 

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Step 3

Design your label

Step 4

Quantity & Price