Advantages of Private Label Cleaners for your Business


Private labeling is a quickly growing industry and with the higher profit margin and larger control in what you sell it is easy to see why so many companies are switching to private labeling. Adding a private label cleaning product to your company line is a great way to increase profits and keep customers coming back to your store. Whether you are looking to add a completely new line or replace a national brand product you currently sell with a private label cleaning product made specifically to suite your company, Specialty Cleaners are the way to go. 
  • Higher profit structure
  • No Middle Man
  • Make more money
  • You name your own price, not the corporations that tell you what to sell your product for
  • Control of your inventory, pricing and marketing
  • Higher Customer retention: Your customer will come to you to reorder
  • Increased Brand awareness
  • Supporting your own brand, not others brands 
  • Gives you a whole new product line

Make More Money with Private Labeling


Higher Profit Structure 
  • You won’t be undercut by “suggested retail prices” and competition 
  • Sell your products for what YOU want to sell them for, not a price set by big corporation distributors 

No Middle Man 
  • You are working DIRECTLY with the manufacturer 
  • Cutting out the middle man allows you to retain more profit. Most products today have 4 or 5 distributors involved with mark-ups of at the very least 30% 

Gives you a whole new avenue to make money 
  • Create your own national brand that you can sell to your current customers, distributors and competitors
  • Helps better serve your customers with convenient service and a great product while increasing your profit 

Increase sales
  • Impulse buys, repeat sales, higher bottom line

Independent Distributors or Sales Teams have the opportunity to make more money 
  • You can pay a higher retail commission on your line which will motivate your team and give everyone the opportunity to make more money
  • Set up a system to drive sales by staff members, incentive programs work for a reason; because everyone benefits!

Bring other companies on board
  • Get other companies in your network to start their own product line you make money off of them with no additional work each time they reorder

Advantages of Private Labeling Products for You


When you sell National Brand Products, you build everyones reputation but your own. Do you offer a product or a service your customer can't get anywhere else? Are you giving your customers a reason to come back to you? 

With Private Label Cleaning Products you build Customer Retention: 
  • You’re offering a highly consumable product that will bring your customers back to your store more often giving you more opportunities to sell them your primary line 
Build Brand Awareness:
  • Your customer has to come to your store to reorder
  • Your customer is looking at YOUR logo, not that of national brands they can buy at dozens of locations
  • This gets your customers in your store with the opportunity to up-sell and promote your primary line
  • You won’t lose customers and profits to other competitors 
  • Don’t risk having your brand-name products show up on e-commerce sites, at retailers or other supply outlets

Step 3

Design your label

Step 4

Quantity & Price